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About Examination Cell

Teaching and evaluation are the two sides of a coin. Examination cell plays a key role in evaluation part. The Examination Cell in VCTN was headed by the Chief Superintendent of Examinations (Principal) with two Examination In-chargers and other supporting staff. The Prime responsibility of Examination Cell is conducting of all examinations (Both Internal and External Exams) in fair and systematic manner under the directions of the Chief Superintendent of Examinations.


Primary Functions of ExaminationCell

To improve the quality of examination and evaluation so as to ensure the credibility of the Examination system for the betterment of students.

  1. To maintain the database of the students for all kind of references.
  2. To improve the assessing process of the students.
  3. To improve the utilization of infra structure by conducting Govt/Non-Govt exams/recruitment for the benefit of society.
  4. To update on the latest developments in automation of the works related to exams.