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Mentoring is collaboration – a caring, sharing and encouraging relationship with a focus on the enhancement of the mentee’s growth and skill development. For mentees, the value of forging a close, ongoing and evolving relationship with a mentor in their field can be tangible, such as increased compensation and greater career opportunities such as building confidence through awareness about the vernacular and traditions of the professional education. For mentors, the process provides the opportunity to recognize and promote the abilities of individuals with less exposure within the supporting organization. This can result in diversifying talent and perspectives—fostering a fertile environment for fresh approaches needed for academic or business success.



  • The staff member should conduct  counselling/meetings every week during the  semester with the allotted students.
  • Any difficulties or problems faced by the allotted student should be noted and taken to the  concerned committee (ICC/ Ant ragging/grievance committee) for relevant action.
  • The teacher should counsel the students for career guidance and higher studies preparation from the root level.
  • The Parents/Guardians of poor attendance/performance students are called to meet the mentors and preventive measures are implemented for further improvement.
  • A report should be submitted at the end of the academic year to the  Convenor.


Grievance Redressal:

  • Receives complaints of students for  redressal of grievances. The cases will be attended promptly on receiving from the students.
  • Deals with all the Grievances directly which are related to the common problems at Institute level both academic and administrative.
  • Reviews all cases and will act accordingly.
  • Reports to the authority about the cases attended.